What is the Future of Online Gaming?

The internet has changed the world and everybody living in it, it is now possible to have instant access to any information you require anywhere in the world. It has changed how we all live our lives, how we work, do our shopping and what we do at leisure. And online gaming is a part of what we do with our leisure time, so it is a fair guess that the internet will also play a big part in the future of online gaming.  Looking at the figures presented by Deloitte, they have cited that there has been a 12% growth, year on year, in the online gaming industry. An unbelievably they estimate the market value in 2018 will be worth over $6 billion. So, what will be the driving factors behind this growth?

Virtual Casinos

Leaving your house properly attired to go to a casino may be a thing of the past, online casino games are already very popular. Everybody loves a flutter, be it playing blackjack, roulette or poker, and playing with other players from around the world adds to the excitement. The next logical development will be the creation of virtual online casinos, where players can sit in their favorite chair at home and try to beat the dealer. Virtual bingo halls are already under development so casinos cannot be too far behind.

Virtual Reality

Virtual and Augmented reality are now on the market and accessible. Whilst still relatively new in development this technology gives a holographic illusion of reality. This sort of technology is not just being developed with games in mind, many industries such as real estate, medicine, archaeology and education have a real use for this state-of-the-art technology. In the case of archaeology, ancient artifacts and whole towns have been reconstructed. And as in all technologies as they mature, costs will come down, and virtual reality may well have the same impact as the mobile phone did.

Gaming as a Spectator Sport?

This evolution is already well under way, just switch on your TV and there are adverts of the next big gaming battle on channel such and such. Surprisingly there are people who get a kick of watching other people playing games and not playing themselves. In this modern cyber world, why should we not be surprised that a growing number of people prefer to watch than play, after all it is just the same as watching somebody playing darts!


The elite online gamers are rapidly becoming superstars, and are now able to make a very good living out of it, either attending competitions or gaining money through endorsements of their own YouTube channels. There have always been disputes if a particular game is a sport, like the aforementioned darts. And the void between virtual games and real games is rapidly closing. These three big developments are just some of the technologies that are spearheading the future direction of online gaming. Many more are just below the horizon and will soon be with us, what they will be and how the public take to them is a different issue. But one thing is for certain, it is worth holding the tiger’s tail tightly as it will be an exciting ride.