Video Game Tournaments to Watch This Year

There are several great video game tournaments that you can watch this year. These tournaments are great fun to watch especially if you are a fan and have played these video games. You can observe and see how the pros do it and maybe even pick up some tips on how to improve your own game. Most of these video game competitions showcase competitions among teams that are playing multiplayer games such as Dota 2 and League of Legends. They are the best of the best coming together to show off their skills.

EVO Tournament

One great event to attend is the Evolution Championship Series or EVO, which will be held in Las Vegas during the first week of August. This tournament has been a yearly event since 1996, and it attracts a huge crowd. Since 2005 the tournament has been held in Las Vegas. This series includes games such as Street Fighter, Capcom vs. Ultimate Marvel and Super Smash Brothers Melee. This tournament attracts many players from all around the world, including Japan. The Evolution Championship Series gets bigger and bigger every year and attracts more and more spectators. The International showcases competitions of multiplayer games such as Dota 2 and League of Legends. EVO focuses on fighting games where players battle each other in epic warfare.

League of Legends and BlizzCon

The League of Legends is another awesome tournament that attracts millions of viewers around the world. The prize money is $1 million so it attracts most of the top video game players in the world as well. So far, the venue for this video game tournament has not been released. BlizzCon is a show that combines a gaming convention with video game playing. This tournament is held in Anaheim California. What is great about BlizzCon is that you do have the tournament to watch but then you also have the option of attending the convention as well.

Dota 2

There is a Dota 2 game tournament called the International (TI). This is an esports tournament that is hosted by the developers of Dota 2. This year the tournament is being held in Vancouver, Canada. The prize money totals over $18 million which is more than any other video game tournament. Last year more than 17 teams participated in this amazing video game tournament. This video game tournament began in 2011, and what is incredible is that it is a truly international event. The commentary is given in other languages along with English. Teams come from all over the world, not just the United States. There will be teams from Southeast Asia, China, Russia, South America and Europe. This is probably the most international of all the current video game tournaments. The prize money alone is incredible, last year’s winning team won $10 million. The tournament will also be live streamed over the internet as well so that people from all over the world can watch the games in real time. These are the best video game tournaments to watch this year, in terms of prize money, number of spectators and the types of competitors.