Video Game Apps

Video games have long been a favorite of both the young and the old, of both men and women. All walks of life find joy in taking a break from reality and indulging in a moment of suspended reality through a great video game, and there are all kinds of different video games.

Video Game Apps

Since they first acme onto the scene they have been a popular form of entertainment, although at first it was perhaps the nerds or geeks who played them they are now so mainstream that we can almost all say that we have played video games at some time or another in our lives. For whatever reason they are one of the most popular forms of entertainment and they are a huge industry bringing in millions of dollars a year.

There are the traditional racing games, first made popular by brands such as Mario Kart and Grand Theft Auto. Then there are as well, the ever popular first person shooter games, while these are more darker in character and sinister perhaps, they are some of the most popular games to ever be invented. Games such as Halo and Call of Duty have seen record sales over the last 5 years.  Then there are the more mystical games as well, the ones were you enter into another realm and are transformed into your avatar, allowing the player to truly break from reality.

Grand Theft Auto.

The Rise in Popularity

While video games have always been popular, since their very beginning, they have grown significantly in popularity over the last ten years and that is due, in part, to one huge reason. That is that more and more people are playing video games on their hand held devices instead of on traditional video game consoles. And it makes perfect sense why as well. You can take your phone or tablet almost everywhere with you, to work, to school, on the metro, on an airplane, even in a restaurant.

People always have some kind of mobile device with them, and while many in older generations are against this fact as it breaks down social norms and in some ways makes us into robots, this fact is great for those who work in the video game industry as it boosts their sales greatly. No longer are you confined to your house to play a game, you can take it with you and play from almost anywhere.  As the popularity of gaming on a phone grew the game makers took advantage of this and started creating more and more games that are specifically for mobile phones and tablets. Now there are thousands of games that you can easily play via an app on your phone and or tablet and you are not confined to your room or house in order to play.

There are games that are brain teasers such as puzzles, just like the classic Tetris, the ever popular Candy Crush and so many more. For those who like card games there is the classic game of solitaire or there are even games where you can play poker, just like you are in Vegas, there are even blackjack games available, you can learn about it or give it a try  if thats your preference.

There are then of course the popular sports games such as FIFA and NFL where the true sports enthusiasts of the world can create the perfect game they have always wished they could play. Has the invention of video game apps taken away from the authenticity of video games, some would argue that this is so, that playing on a mobile device or tablet is not the way that the games were intended to be played.

which is Better

Which is Better?

These true video game enthusiasts believe that the way they were made to be played is the only way that they should be played on a gaming console on a tv in your home as they were invented. Younger generations, however, love the ease of being able to take games with them wherever they go.

There are of course arguments for each side, but you cannot deny that video game apps and being able to play video games on your phone has been a huge success and step forward for the video game industry as a whole. App developers are now in high demand, a role that didn’t even exists years ago, the job market is always looking for talented new developers to help them build the next hottest app or game and take over the market.

Whether you a gaming novice or an expert you have no doubt played a video game on your phone at one point or another, there are of course some that are better than others and some that are more popular than others, but if you enjoy the idea of video games then you no doubt enjoy playing them wherever you are, taking them with you on public transport, to work, to the park or wherever it maybe that you go. Regardless of your preferred genre of video games you will find an app game that is perfect for you.