The Best Gaming Monitors of 2019

If you are a keen gamer, then you probably understand the importance a good monitor has for your gaming experience. But sometimes it is part of the equipment that is quite often overlooked when you are buying kit for your hobby. There have been some great strides made in the development of gaming monitors by the manufacturers, and here are some of the best gaming monitors currently available in 2019.


Probably this ASUS monitor is the best gaming monitor on the market today. For years gamers have been battling with the decision to buy the best picture quality or the best refresh rate. The new TN panels enable a much higher refresh rate whilst IPS screens give better viewing angles and superb color. New monitors combine both technologies and are highly efficient.

The figures of the PG279Q are impressive, it has a 2560×1440 resolution on the twenty seven inch monitor. And the pixel combination of 1080 is as good as it gets. Another big plus is that you still can get higher than 60Hz refresh rates. Probably the best thing about this monitor is its price, at around $700 it is exceptionally good value for money.

Acer Predator X27

At over twice the price of the PG279Q it is surprising that this monitor is as popular as it is. However, this is a really good bit of kit. It can produce a crisp 4K HDR of graphics and has a really high refresh rate that can even be overclockable to even reach higher levels.

This monitor includes VisionCare technology, which according to Acer reduces eye strain and weariness. The G-Sync function allows the monitor to refresh at variable rates, so it is not set at max all the time. This monitor will improve your gaming experience immensely, but the price is rather ludicrous.


A more reasonably priced monitor is the AG273QCG from AOC, and for under $700 you will get a really fast refresh rate and great response. On this monitor’s downside is that the TN viewing angles are not great. This monitor looks the part, it is shamelessly pitched at the sports enthusiasts and the curvy twenty seven inch monitor must be one of the sexiest on the market.

The monitor has great brightness due to the VESA Display, and its vibrancy put many of the more overpriced monitors to shame. One significant drawback is that this monitor does not have the best in viewing angles, but for the price this can be understood.

To really find the best monitor to suit your particular needs then you must try out the monitors first. Play your favorite selection of games on it first, test the performance, resolution, and any special technologies the monitor advertises. The ultimate way to test two monitors is a side-by-side test, most shops will probably not let you do this but it is the only way that you can definitely see which is best.