New Video Game Consoles Coming Out Soon

Video games are popular among many people, not just teenagers. Many adults also play these games to relax after work. A lot of people are keen to see what the new and latest developments are in terms of video game consoles. Video game consoles have a limited lifespan these days, as more advanced games are made, the consoles become obsolete after only a short time period. This means that video game console developers constantly need to upgrade their technology and build new game consoles to accommodate these new types of games. There is stiff competition among companies for designing gaming consoles. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are all in constant competition for new customers. What is it that sets them apart? Let’s take a closer look at these consoles.

Xbox and PlayStation

Sony has developed several games and consoles over the years. Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been very popular, but it is expected that they will develop a new game console. However, it is not sure when this will occur, but some industry insiders are suggesting that a PlayStation 5 will come out as early as 2019 or sometime in 2020. Sony has been rumored to have hinted about when the PlayStation 5 will be coming out. The PlayStation 4 is at the end of its life cycle and is likely to come out in 2020 according to industry analysts.

The new Xbox console the Xbox Two is expected to also come out about the same time as the PlayStation 5 will. Sony may be looking to use blockchain technology with the new console when it does come out. The Xbox One from Microsoft has been very popular as well, and there has been some indication that Microsoft are already working on the next Xbox. Some of the newer consoles may have virtual reality or augmented reality. Sony already produces a virtual reality console, the PlayStation VR, which has been successful. Some have suggested that new consoles will be streaming consoles. The problem with streaming consoles is that the latency would be an issue. In addition, a player would need enough bandwidth which a real problem could be. No doubt, as technology improves, this may become a reality sometime in the future.


Nintendo is the company that designed the Wii game console and games, which have been very popular since their release. Nintendo has developed several game consoles over the years. There most recent and seventh game console was the Nintendo Switch. They have now announced that they will soon release Nintendo Switch Online. This will be coming out in September. This will be a paid service where users pay a fee for 1 month, 3 months or 12 months. What the customer gets is the ability and access to online games that they can play. They will also be able to save their games and use various other additional features.

Logos of Nintendo Switch game console are seen at an electronics store in Tokyo, Japan March 3, 2017. REUTERS/Toru Hanai

The video game industry changes rapidly; so, does computer technology in general. This is the reason we see so many changes and upgrades in game consoles. Time will tell exactly when PlayStation 5 and Xbox 2 will arrive, but they are sure to be soon, in the next few years.