History of Video Games

In the world today, video games make up a $100 billion global industry and also about 2–3 most homes have households people who involve in games constantly. Video games have been in existence for decades and form arcade systems, to home consoles and mobile devices. Video game is a new way of interactive entertainment. The start of video game was in the research lab of scientists. The origin of games went far back as the early 1950s, COLOSSUS and ENIAC were the first digital computers and they were made around World War II. Computer games of the 1950s can be sorted into three categories.

**Training and instructional programs;

**Research programs in fields, such as artificial intelligence;

**Demonstration programs intending to excite the public.

The first know chess computer program was created by Alan Turis and David Champernowne called to two champs, which was finished in 1950s. The 1st games are known to have a monitor were two research projects completed in 1952, a checker program by Christopher Strachey and tic-tac-toe program by Alexander Douglas on the EDSAC.

The first game having graphics that has a real time was a pool game programmed by William brown and Ted Lewis purposefully for a demonstration of MIDSAC computer. And the first game manufacture mainly for entertainment was design by William Higginbotham and built by Robert Dvorak at the Brookhaven national lab in 1958, made to entertain the audience at Brookhaven annual series of open house, the game was played on analog computer with graphics view oscilloscope. When scientists in computer start to design easy and simple games, video game became very much popular in 1970s–1980s. Since in 1980, video gaming has become a famous way of entertainment and a modernized famous culture in most part of the earth. One of the ancient games was Spacewar, which was manufactured by computer scientists. The arcade video games cane to existence from 1300–1977.

During the periods of the 1970s, the first generation of home system evolved, involving the famous game pong. The ear of arcade video games was between 1978–1982. The arcades video of large and well design graphic was located at shopping mall and famous home console like Atari 2600 and in television to allow people play games on their home TV. Within 1976–1992 the second generation of the video system evolved and the 3rd generation of the video game emerged with 8-bits between 1983–1995. The 4th generation of console, emerged between 1987–1995. The 5th generation of the system which has 32–64bit units between 1993–2006. During mobile devices games came into existence and the 6th generation of games video started from 1998–2013. During this era, mobile games and online gaming was the major area of gaming culture. The, 7th generation game video was between 2005–2012. This period was the greatest development plans for some game, with some having graphics. In 2013, the eight generation of video game came into existence, involving Nintendo’s Wii U and Nintendo 3Ds, Microsoft Xbox one and Sony PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

The PC gaming has been controlling a large portion of the market in Asia and Europe for ages and will remain to increase due to digital distribution. Basically, for a produce to be a video game, it must be made up a video signal transmitting tow Cathode ray tube.