Greatest Video Games to Look Out for

There are a lot of great things to look forward to for gamers as there are fantastic games lined up for them in the coming year. This year was great, and 2018 promises to go a step further.

We have compiled a list of some of the games that are set for release next year and that promise to get the gamers on the edge of their seats locked onto their consoles.

The Last of us Part II

There isn’t much information available for this game; nevertheless, it promises to have a better and a livelier world full of more challenging and breathe catching threats. The drama from its predecessor has been dramatically enhanced to a whole new level. This promises to be a favourite for many as soon as it hits the market.

Red Dead Redemption II

With its improved features and the excellent multiplayer experience that allows you to explore and discover the whole new world. This game will be a favourite to most us. Additionally, with its vastly enhanced development to be supported by more hardware, it is one to watch out for.


The game promises to bring adventure and a whole new set of challenges with it as the players are given the role of a freelancer. They are to leave their civilization to an unknown world where they meet new threats that required to be overcome. It comes with features that allow the player to customize their suits and weapons to help them survive the harsh environment.

Days Gone

Days Gone promises to tag your heart along as it brings a world where mindless zombie-like creatures roam the land, and they infect everything that they find along their path, humans and animals alike. It is going to be very interesting to see how players will cope as they explore in the zombie world. It is ultimately one to look out for next year.

Sea of Thieves

At one point or another, sea adventure is something we have wished for. And what better way to have a sea adventure than being a pirate. From the fancy hats, the rum, the hunt for treasure and most the adrenaline rush having to escape from threats that come along with pirates. Sea of thieves promises to bring all this fun and adventure all at once, in first hand.


Are you in for a heartbreaking tale, the excitement of future cities? Vampyr is the game to look out for. It’s about a newly turned vampire that has to adapt to its new life and solve the troubles and challenges that come with the new way of life.

Code Vein

Code vein is being compared to Dark Souls, but with an anime touch to it. Not only that, it brings a whole new, different timeline where vampire exists, and where blood magic is mostly practiced. This is definitely the game that will capture all of your attention without any doubt. Thus, it’s clear that next year will gamers will be bombarded with all kinds of games that will have all game lovers captivated.