Five Great Video Games of 2018

During 2018 the video games industry went ballistic, many new online games hit the streets. We saw the birth of a Shirtless Spider-Man, and many other new creations. Video games developers were intent on creating games that would engage their audiences more, games that the players could relate to with themes and topics that just made us want to pick up the controller. Here are the pick of five great video games that were released in 2018.

NHL 19

This has got to be one of the best sporting games to come out for years. The motion of the players is superb due to refined skating graphics. NHL 19 has Real Player Motion technology, together with great collision technology that come together to bring a really lifelike game.

There is even the World of CHEL, which of course is the social hub that brings together the E.A Sports Hockey League, and the NHL Ones and Threes.


The mountain of Celeste is there to be conquered by Madeline, and the pixelated character is all action. She climbs through different levels, fighting her self doubt of her talent, and this is a very introspective game of how to beat your own demons.

There are plenty of hidden rooms to find where Madeline can collect crystal hearts, mixtapes, and strawberries. But the crux of the game is to make bold accomplishments with your death count broadly shown. The video also has a great musical score that was written by Lena Raine.

Red Dead Redemption 2

If you want to know what living like a cowboy was really like, then Red Dead Redemption 2 is as close as you can get without traveling back in time. This cowboy game is just like a Star Trek simulator as the graphics are so good.

Whether you want to fish, hunt, or try a little stealing you can do so against a great rendered back drop of the Old West of America. The rare weapons and legendary animal are back from Redemption 1, and living as a beer swilling, fighting frontiersman has never been better as far as video games go.

God of War

If you like Norse mythology combined with beat-them-up style action, then God of War will suit you down to the ground. This game is so good because it combines so many elements including an excellent story, superb action sequences, and great art direction.

It is possibly the finest anti-hero game ever made, and gives the player a massive sense of scale and endless possibilities. It poses a very valuable question, why don’t other games developers refuse to re-invent the intellectual properties of their games.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Without doubt this is the best Spider-Man game that has ever been released. It has so much detail and brash attitude that delivers absurdly fantastic fun. It’s a true beat-em-up film that has so many great bad guys you cannot stop wanting to put them in their place. Spider-Man builds its own character, which is a refreshing change, and the interpretation of a modern New York is outstanding. This movie is designed to make you want to swing from the buildings for hours and hours.