Best Video Games for Girls


Some people think that video games are made just for boys. In fact, there are more gamer girls than we imagine. It is just that some games are preferred more by girls. The world of gaming is opened to anyone and girls certainly know how to make performance too. We have listed some of the best video games for girls in order to better choose your next purchase.

“Hakouki Memories of the Shinsengumi” is a very popular video game for girls. It was recently re-launched in 3D too. It focuses on a story about romance and honor that has as central character Chizuru. She is accompanied by many male characters and you have the choice for every action she makes. They begin a quest for finding Chizuru’s missing father. You get to choose whether to continue this quest or to fall in love with one of the many male companions.

Harvest Moon: a new beginning” focuses on your attention and strategy. You can choose between a male and a female character. The game begins with you in a nearly deserted town. Your purpose is to use your skills and strategy to transform it in a successful one. On this development journey you can also choose to date locals and you can even start a family. You have full control on your ranch and on the way the town looks like.

Best video games for girls

Fire Emblem Awakening” is a masterpiece in its genre. You can choose to be a boy or a girl and the game even features a dating simulator where you can find your other half. But the main part of this game focuses on grid-based battlefield that will test your skills and strategy. The relationships that you established during your dates can help you during your battles.

Mario Kart” is one of the games that are definitely enjoyed by everyone. Released in 1990, this game is still imposing standards when it comes to console games. The game play itself is very fun and it can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter the age. The story focuses on the battle of rescuing Princess Peach. The main character, Mario, has to battle many monsters and has to pass many labyrinths in order to reach Princess.

Sims” is the ultimate game for those who like designing and building a character. This name is one of the most recognized video games on the planet. You have full freedom to design a character, a house and to develop their skills and life. The interaction with other characters is very complex and it is considered by many the ultimate life simulator. You design the life of your sim and you can choose the career path, love interest and whether or not to buy that fancy couch for the living room.

Minecraft” is another game that is enjoyed by everyone. You are in a universe where everything can be remodeled and you can alter it the way you want. You can build tools and houses but stay away from monsters.