All about Halo Video Game

Halo is a very popular first-person shooter video game that has been popular for 16 years. It started in 2001 when it was designed for Xbox originally. The game is basically a military science fiction saga. Halo has become so popular over the years that the developers have since extended it to include other platforms such as MS Windows and Windows phone iOS in addition to Xbox.


The premise of the game is the war between humans and aliens in space. The aliens are known as the Covenant, and they are led by leaders that are known as Prophets. The human fighters are the super soldiers that are called Spartans. The name Halo comes from the name of a weapon that was developed by a race known as the Forerunners. The Forerunners developed this weapon against the Flood, which was an alien that was a parasite.


The first Halo game was so successful that the franchise expanded and now also includes graphic novels. Halo started with the super soldier character named Master Chief John-117 along with his artificial intelligence (AI) assistant named Cortana. The Master Chief is a playable character that always wears green armor. The basic backstory is that this character was kidnapped as a child and then enhanced by cybernetics and biology so as to make him into a super soldier who is capable of fighting aliens in the future.


The first game that was released of the Halo series was Halo: Combat Evolved. They did release a prequel eventually in 2010, which gave some backstory on the main character. This was called Halo: The Fall of Reach. There have over the years been several Halo games developed and marketed.



The sequel of Halo: Combat Evolved was called Halo 2 and was released in 2004. This was the first Halo game to be released on a platform other than Xbox, since it was also released a few years later, for Windows Vista operating system. Halo 2 was also a big advance since it provided a multiplayer environment, which further enhanced the popularity and fan base of Halo. The trilogy ended with Halo 3. This was not the end of the Halo franchise though since Halo 4 was released in 2012.


One of the latest Halo Games is Halo Wars 2 which is a real-time strategy game which has several different player modes and 13 levels. All the previous Halo games were first person shooter games. This new game, Halo Wars 2, does not have the original Master Chief character but has several new characters and a new artificial intelligence creature named Isabel. Strategy games had become less popular over the last few years until this game was developed and released.


Halo has become a real phenomenon in the video game industry, probably due to the gripping story line and themes and the clever marketing by Microsoft. Once the game was able to be played on computers and not just Xbox, the popularity really soared. There are now even Halo World Championships that are held every year.